Internal regulation

Note: this text is a translation of the original document. We have done our best to supply a correct translation. Nevertheless, the original document is the reference.

Association founded upon the basis of the French Law of July 1st, 1901 and decree of August 16, 1901, declared on January 25, 2005 to the Prefecture of Bobigny and published in the Official Journal n 0012 of March 19, 2005 (Announce 2504).


This text is the Internal Regulations of the Association, in accordance with the Association's by-laws, it is established by the Board and approved by the General Assembly.

Article 1 - Conditions of membership.

The annual subscription of active members, major individual persons is fixed at the minimum amount of 20 euros.

The annual subscription of active members, minor individual persons is fixed at the minimum amount of 10 euros.

The annual subscription of active members, legal entities is fixed at 100 euros.

The list of members is public to any member of the Association.

Candidates to membership shall fulfil the following conditions: agree to the by-laws and regulations, complete the subscription form. This documents are available on the web site of the Association.If a candidate to membership does not have access to the Internet, she may want to send a mail (to the Association's headquarters,, 31 allee Therese 93140 BONDY - France) accompanied by the following informations: name, first name, and address of the physical person, or address of the legal entity's headquarter and, as much as possible, an e-mail address. Any member commits himself making available to the Association any modification relating to this minimal information.

According to the French Law 78-17 (January 6, 1978) covering computers, data files and freedoms, the members are granted the right to access and revise these informations. In such case, contact the Association's Secretary.

The Board can refuse a subscription or a subscription renewal.

There is no condition of nationality or residence on the French Territory to be able to subscribe.

A subscription is valid on January 1 and expires at December 31 of the current year. For subscription renewal, the member will have one month deadline to pay the amount of the subscription of the following year (between January 1 and January 31).

Article 2 - Operation

Any act or service carried out in the name of the Association, by one of its members, will have to be authorized by the Board.

If the act or the service in the name of the Association is remunerated, it will not be a personal remuneration. The Association is in this case the only authorized recipient, by a payment transmitted to the Treasurer.

No public standpoint can be done in the name of the Association by a member external to the Board, without the prior agreement of the Board.

All membership takes part in the General Assembly.

Any individual person present for at least three months can be candidate to the Board member's seat at the time of an annual vote; for this purpose the member supplies an application form to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee publishes for the vote the list of candidates and the number of seats to be provided.

The vote is done by direct suffrage, each voting member gives a list of names, variable from 0 to the number of seats to be provided, taken among the eligible members of the Association.

The such elected Board members deliberate to choose the members of the Executive Committee.

The Board has any latitude to engage the recurring expenses of the Association, subject to the agreement of the President and the Treasurer.

Article 3 - Technical choices

The Association will use as far as possible the available means provided by the networks and particularly Internet.

These choices concern the convocations, meetings, or publications of lists and votes. At the time of each call for vote, it will be specified in the convocation if the electronic vote is possible. In such a case, a closing date of vote is given, and only the last vote of each person is taken into account. An electronic acknowledgement of delivery is provided at the time of the vote.

A convocation at a General Assembly which would not have been received because of a technical problem on the side of the member will not invalidate this Assembly or its conformity to the by-laws.

If a member loses any means of access to the electronic mail, she loses any possibility of participation or vote, but keeps her membership. A postal mail to avoid the useless e-mail is strongly advised.

Each transaction (subscription confirmation, convening of assembly) will be returned 3 times in case of obvious technical problem (rebound/"bounce") before abandon.

The mailing lists accessible to the members are organized as follows:

There is a one week delay from the decision of the vote and the vote itself. The period of vote starts at the beginning of this delay.